“Put your entire trust in the Master Jesus. Then you’ll live as you were meant to live—and everyone in your house included!” (Acts 16:31 MSG)

I wrote recently about how this Scripture became alive to me. I also mentioned that I really felt the Lord asking me to ask YOU the question - what does it mean to you? Well ... I certainly wasn't expecting the heart-wrenching flurry of responses!

First, we saw how a sister challenged us to be open to GOD's thoughts and actions. In doing this, she had seen people and events in a new, loving way and had been able to pray and bless people - naturally. Because of this approach, she was now striving to live more like Jesus, (who saw everyone he met through God's eyes, being open to His thoughts and actions). Consequently, she now sees people and events in a new loving way and is able to pray and bless people naturally.

We next heard how a brother was constantly awakened through the wee hours with distressing pains in his legs, and yet, instead of whingeing, he made the decision to honour GOD by reading his Bible and praying for those whom GOD revealed to him. Often he would actually question whether he was indeed 'born again! His bottom line really floored me, "... only those who are born again are attacked by the temptation of not being born again."

We then heard from another brother who made the concerted decision to leave his partner and two small children and follow his (un)holy trinity of sex, drugs and money in Spain. We heard how while there, he met an Angel who spoke to him about Jesus and told him to return to the UK where he received Jesus as His Lord and Saviour, married his partner and raised two beautiful children. (I had the joy of being there at the wedding)!

We then heard from a dear brother whose wife fell very ill, and despite the best attempts of the doctors and persistent, intense prayer, his wife succumbed to the cancer and went to be with the Lord. His bottom line really floored me, too, "In her last days, I was praying, ”God, please just take her quickly now”, and deep in my spirit, I immediately heard Him say, “My son, you are still trying to tell me how to do my job!” It was the kindest and most gentle of correction, not a stinging rebuke. He told how his prayers are very different now: less demanding and more patient because he's learning to just trust GOD.

We heard from a good Pastor friend of mine "Many years ago, when I was about 3 years old, I was very unwell, laid in a bed chair, pretty much out of it, when suddenly I saw in my mind surrounding me a huge thumb. This carried on for a couple of days, and then I got better; I've never forgotten that, and years later, after I came into the Kingdom, I realized way back then I was in the palm of the Lord's hand and have always been held by him, never letting me go no matter what I did. And now more than 70 years later his loving kindness amazes me every day; there is nowhere anyone can be as secure all our days than knowing we are in the palm of his hand. Seek, and you Will find."

We learned how a challenged sister had been a proper grumpy moo, and focussed on all the stuff she couldn't do, giving in to the pain and fear. She described in colourful detail how her neighbours lived a very complicated life, punctuated by violence, drugs, alcohol, child abuse etc, and how she and her family often bore the brunt of this behaviour. She described in vivid terrifying detail how the situation got so bad that they were advised to wear bodycams to record their behaviour! It's a powerful testimony which ended up with her being admitted to hospital but upon her convalescence, she found that her neighbours had been (forcibly) rehoused during her stay!

We then heard how a dear sister was called to the ministry and how Jesus helped her overcome all the massive struggles she encountered. We heard how her whole life has been transformed through the Ministry she has now received from the Lord, how she is finally ordained, and how she can now, "continue my ministry with those whom God has called me to, namely, those who have been hurt by The Church.” "continue my ministry with those whom God has called me to. “Those who have been hurt by The Church”.

And last but not least, we heard from a dear brother, who tells us how sometimes he feels as though no matter what we do, it just isn't right. How we all make mistakes or walk away from a situation because we can't handle it anymore. He went on to open his heart and explain how for many years now, he has felt on the outside looking in because of his actions and the decisions that have led him to where he is now. "I've never lost my faith in Jesus but I have found myself going in many wrong directions over the years... I'm at a point where I need to make a decision. It's either full on Jesus or it's to let go and continue in a way that literally leads to torment."

(Once again, his bottom line totally floored me ... "Today I make a choice; today is a crossroads. I can tell you it's not easy to let go of things that are literally a crutch to you, that you hold in tightly, to. But today, I make that choice to serve my God. My Lord and Saviour...!

Awesome ... and there's still time for you to send me YOURS!

Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing through the churches. Christ-conquerors are safe from Devil-death.” (Rev 2:11) ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️