I asked Jesus, the Risen Christ of GOD, into my heart almost 40 years ago on a cold Saturday morning at an FGMFI meeting in Bradford. The speaker told us he was one of four career brothers; one was a barrister, one a top surgeon, one a senior accountant, and that he was training to be a bishop – he didn’t believe in Christianity; it was purely a good career move!

He told us this story, “Part of my training was to spend two years in mission’s ministry and so my wife and I were shipped off to (somewhere) in Africa. The journey was tremendously tedious, and we finally arrived in the middle of a severe famine but we were secure – we had enough food shipped out with us to easily keep us alive for at least two years!

He recalled how he and his wife were sat together on their veranda one night, sipping their pink gins as they looked up at the fabulous stars and recalling the strange behaviour of the natives when the bushes parted at the end of their enclosure, and a young bedraggled woman staggered towards them carrying a very small bundle … when she finally got to them, she knelt and bowing her head, offered up the bundle towards them – it was her baby. It was quick sick and had gone quite grey! She said simply in broken English, “Quick. Pray. Heal.”

He told us that he’d never been challenged like this before and that even though he’d been through seminary, he didn’t really believe in Jesus or anything that the Church taught - much less healing. He and his wife looked at the small baby – it didn’t look to be breathing. Embarrassed, he quickly told the lady, “Look, I have a land rover. It’s about 20 km to the nearest hospital, but that’s the best I can offer you.” Unrelenting (or simply not understanding), the lady shook her head and once again made her heart-wrenching demand, “Quick. Pray. Heal.”

This impasse repeated itself two more times when quite suddenly, Jesus himself materialised to them all and said simply, “Now, what are you going to do? She has come to you hoping to find me - but you don’t even believe I exist!”

I remember watching him turn to his wife at this point; their eyes filled up as he turned back to us and told us all that time had stood still for the longest of times for them, and the spell was only broken when the baby in the bundle began to suddenly stir and began crying loudly – they all stared in amazement as the baby returned to its natural colour and appeared quite healthy. By all accounts, his wife fainted and lay at his feet as, somehow, people from the surrounding village began arriving in droves and celebrating GOD fervently.

Dragging his delirious wife back into the house, they both just stared at each other while their mouths fumbled with the words, “Did you see him?” Long story short, they both repented of their unbelief and invited Jesus to live in their hearts that day … as I did too! ❤️



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