O Lord our God, others have ruled us, but you alone are the one we worship. (‭‭Isa 26:13‬)

I was at a church service in Italy a few years ago. The worship group were just finishing up when the main door burst open, and a man staggered in holding a young unconscious woman in his arms. They were followed in by a young sheepish man who looked scared to death and stared around at us open-mouthed as if we were all aliens!

As we were guests, we had been sat next to the Pastor, and when he saw the girl, he asked if we could move up a little to accommodate her.

Throughout the service, the man simply rocked the woman in his arms and stroked her hair and face lovingly. (We later found out that he was an evangelist who had found the pair in the street after a drug-induced satanist service).

The Pastor started to pray for the woman just loud enough for me to hear, and we joined in, ‘sotto voce.’ He was taking authority over whatever was happening to the young lady and asking GOD to intervene.

Her eyes suddenly shot open, and she sat bolt upright, looking around, trying to take everything in. You could see that, like a frightened cat, she wanted to run, but just as she was flexing herself, an incredibly calming, honey like Peace seemed to fall on us all, and instead of running out, she just flopped forward onto her knees and started worshipping and thanking GOD for His mercy on her.

You alone, Lord, are the One we Worship. ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️