You come at me with sword and spear and battle-ax. I come at you in the name of GOD -of-the-Angel-Armies, the God of Israel’s troops, whom you curse and mock. This very day GOD is handing you over to me. (1 Sam‬ ‭17:45)

We received a beautiful family picture a few years back of a lovely Italian lady, her husband and 3 children. She had visited us when she was a few months pregnant but became worried because this was her fourth pregnancy, and each time, she had miscarried.

I watched and listened as my wife and a few other women prayed for her, and later, she went for a shower. 30 Minutes later, she came back down to us sobbing as she had spotted blood in the shower.

I remember that instead of sympathy, something powerful rose up in me, and I heard myself telling her that this was no time for the tears of defeat, but she had to rise up like David against her Goliath and tell the devil to “GET OFF MY CHILDREN!”

She never did miscarry again, and as I said, she has had two other children since.

Rise up, Child of the Living GOD. Take your place beside your Heavenly Father and stand your ground over the Holy promises He's given you! ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️