... When life is heavy and hard to take, go off by yourself. Enter the silence. Bow in prayer. Don’t ask questions: Wait for hope to appear. Don’t run from trouble. Take it full-face. The “worst” is never the worst.

Why? Because the Master won’t ever walk out and fail to return. If he works severely, he also works tenderly. His stockpiles of loyal love are immense. He takes no pleasure in making life hard, in throwing roadblocks in the way… (Lam 3:19)

I’m reminded of a time in my early youth when, in order to pull out a particularly deep and painful splinter that was making my finger black and septic - a nurse had to put excessive pressure on my hand, holding and squeezing it tight while she frantically tried to keep me at bay and dig it out.

Me…? I was young and didn’t understand what was happening, and as such, desperately trying to pull away from the nurse (and the ever-increasing levels of pain)!

All the time, I was crying and looking at my mother and wondering why! WHY ARE YOU LETTING THIS HAPPEN TO ME???

When it was finally cleaned up and bandaged (and I walked out sucking a huge lollipop) - I still didn't understand, but the pain had gone, and I was (finally) at peace!

“Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing through the churches. Christ-conquerors are safe from Devil-death.” (Rev 2:11) ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️