Do you want to live a long, good life, enjoying the beauty that fills each day? Then never speak a lie or allow wicked words to come from your mouth. (‭‭Psa 34:12)

After an awful lot of: "you should really read this," I (finally) got to read my wife’s favourite book: Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers. What an emotional rollercoaster!

Bottom line the story is about how GOD Redeemed a ‘hardened by life’ prostitute through the awesome and persistent love of a man.

Truthfully, although I wanted to throw the book at a wall (every time I read a passage I didn't like), I quickly came to realise that I wasn’t angry at the heroine per se – I was actually angry at myself! I was angry at the games that I recognise we men (and women) can and do play with each other. At how lies and wicked words act like barbs that fester like terrible cancers - reaching even to the very soul.

Lord, the older I get, the more I realise that without your help, I haven’t got a clue on how to actually be your child. All my ‘being’ ‘doing’ and all my ‘busyness’ remains just so much scaffolding, masking the hurting child that you want to Redeem and Heal. Please, Lord, forgive my 'best efforts,' come into my life and sort me out ... ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️