… we see Jesus, who as a man, lived for a short time lower than the angels and has now been crowned with glorious honour because of what he suffered in his death. For it was by God’s grace that he experienced death’s bitterness on behalf of everyone! (‭‭Heb 2:8)

Question for today: is Grace hard – or soft?

Many of us will openly (or subconsciously) judge GOD throughout our lifetimes... “This isn’t fair,” “Why me?” “Why did you allow that to happen?” “What have ‘they’ done to get that?” etc, etc, etc …

For those who have experienced GOD’s Grace, we know that His Grace defines His Character. When we invite Him to live in us, His Fullness and Power continually work to calm our hearts and constantly reassure us that GOD ‘is’ love - and when He reigns in your heart, you will see for yourself just how His Holy Spirit motivates you to love and serve the needs of others.

So how does this kind of ‘soft’ Grace coexist with the 'hard' Grace that demanded the very life of GOD to set ‘us’ free?

As I see it – GOD was extremely hard on Himself so that we could be soft on each other. ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️