(GOD speaking) “I will lead the blind by a way they do not know; I will guide them in paths that they do not know. I will make darkness into light before them And rugged places into plains. These things I will do [for them], And I will not leave them abandoned or undone.” (‭‭Isa 42:16‬)

I have been blind … many, many times, I have purposely chosen not to really see what was happening around me – to my harm.

In my deliberate blindness, I have wasted good money - many, (many) times on trying to satisfy my needs – and I've ended up just buying even more rubbish.

In my deliberate blindness, I have wasted time and effort striving through the most rugged and inhospitable situations in the vain hope of finding a better way – and ended up even more lost and discouraged.

But even though I have willingly let go of my Heavenly Fathers' hand and wandered off to ‘do my own thing,’ He has NEVER left me abandoned or undone.

Our Heavenly Father is Faithful and Merciful. His loving arms are outstretched towards you right now. He’s calling you back from the ugly, toxic places and relationships you’ve fallen into, back to Himself. He wants to heal your blindness and make the darkness light before you.

He has a life of Peace for you. He's waiting for you to just ask … ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️