“Come. Sit down. Let’s argue this out.” This is GOD’s Message. (‭‭Isa 1:18)

I guess it comes down from Adam and Eve, but if pushed, most of us can come up with more excuses than a pregnant Nun.

The thing is, when the Holy Spirit convicts us, He expects our response to be something like, “I’m sorry, Lord. I just couldn’t help it.” Or “I lost it there, Lord, please help me get it right next time …” not “Look, why are you picking on me? Look around, will you? Everybody’s doing it?”

In my early walk with the Lord, I ‘heard’ what the Preacher was saying, but I just couldn’t align the teaching with the lifestyle I was living (the lifestyle I wanted to live)! So instead of repenting, I’d look for reasons to justify myself - usually through the demeaning of others in the Church – “Well, they’re not living it! And neither are they …!"

Then one day, it dawned on me. Do I want to enter heaven to a single, slow and sarcastic hand-clap or the Roaring Approval of my Heavenly Father?

Help me, Lord. ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️