“The same glory you gave me, I gave them, So they’ll be as unified and together as we are— I in them and you in me. Then they’ll be mature in this oneness, And give the godless world evidence That you’ve sent me and loved them In the same way you’ve loved me.” (John‬ ‭17:22)

I recounted 'Part 1' of this story a while ago - well, here's 'Part 2'...

She’d made it ‘very’ clear that she didn’t want ‘anything’ to do with Christianity, and since our chat and for almost 6 months afterwards, went out of her way to make my day at work as miserable as possible.

It had been a particularly difficult morning, there were only the two of us in the office, and she had been exceptionally mean, maliciously snidey, and just plain horrible. So much so that I went to the toilet and begged GOD to let me quit and leave. Nonetheless, the day dragged on ...!

The next day, however, she seemed utterly different, and this was the story she told me later when there was no one around. “I don’t know why I hated you; I just did. That night when you went home, I could see I’d hurt you terribly, and it made me really happy. I even told my husband later, and we both had a good laugh about it.

“We were due to go out that night, and just as I was about to take a bath, the doorbell rang. It was the lady next door who asked if we could water her plants while she was away for a short holiday. She wouldn’t stop talking, and it turned out that she was another ‘happy clappy Christian'. Well me and my husband just couldn’t stop laughing when she left.

“I finally got to get a soak in my bath and was still laughing when I slipped climbing out. Somehow I fell horribly and landed so badly that I heard my back crack, and I lay there totally paralysed!

“My husband ran it at my screams, and we didn’t know what to do – I couldn’t move! He gently carried me onto the bed. I was crying with all the pain and sobbing terribly. My husband ran downstairs to call an ambulance, and they said they were swamped but would be here as soon as possible. My world just collapsed…

“Then, for some reason, YOU came to mind! Everything was playing back to me, and I realised how horrid I’d been to you. As I was thinking these thoughts, Jesus actually appeared to me – right there in my bedroom! I felt awful for all I’d done and told him I was sorry. He just smiled and touched me, and all the pain just left.” ❤️



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