(GOD speaking) “My zeal is a fire that will purge and purify the earth.” (Zeph 3:8

In the days before mobile phones, I remember coming home one evening from a heavy day at work up in London to find my wife comforting my eldest daughter, who was sobbing her little heart out. Her face was all scratched and bruised, and I (finally) found out through much snot and pools of tears that she was being bullied at school by some boy.

I just couldn't process this information and, through the fog of desperation, seem to remember my wife saying something like, “… we should all be praying for him!” To be honest, my thought process was very much based upon how I was going to cancel my schedule for the next day so that I could be at school the next morning to sort him out – even if he was only 9!

Our Father GOD is no different towards his kids. Think about it ... His Zealous Love for us is a holy fire that brought about the pivotal sacrificial death of Jesus for us.

In fact, His Zeal for us ALL is a fire that will purge and purify everything and anything that comes between us and who we 'should' be. ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️