Your presence releases a fragrance so pleasing— over and over poured out. For your lovely name is “Flowing Oil.” (Song of Songs 1:3)

(This conversation happened at work some time ago) 

“Hey, are you OK, you don’t look so well?”

“I haven’t been sleeping lately; lots of thoughts and bad dreams.”

“Have you ever prayed?”

“No, I wouldn’t even know what to say.”

“Just call out to Jesus; he’ll help you.”

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that …!”

“If your car broke down in the car park, who would you ask to help you?”

“That’s easy, I’d ask (so and so), as he’s a good mechanic.”

“And how would you approach him, what would you say?”

“I see where you’re going with this.” You mean don’t be all flowery, and ask as if he’s my friend …?”

(Next morning) “You look a lot better; how did you sleep last night?”

“Really well, thanks …!” ❤️



NB - The prayer requests and updates were coming in thick and fast and getting too long to just be tagged onto the daily encouragement. As such, I've created a separate page for you to view on the below link, which will be updated constantly ...

The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️