From the time Amy was a baby, her mother read her stories of Jesus—His power to turn water into wine, to forgive sins, and to answer prayers. At the tender age of three, brown-eyed Amy knelt by her bed and prayed her first earnest prayer: “Lord, please give me blue eyes like my mother and baby Norman.” She fell asleep in childlike faith, expecting the answer to come the very next morning!

“I can never tell you my bewilderment,” she wrote years later. “Without a shadow of a doubt, I believed my eyes would be blue in the morning. The minute I woke up, I pushed a chair to the chest of drawers on which there was a looking glass and climbed up full of eager expectation and saw—mere brown eyes!”

“God has not answered my prayer,” she cried in confusion. But then it was gently explained to her. He had answered her— with a loving but firm no. When God says no, it is because He knows something we don’t know. We don’t need to get angry or sad; we need to trust Him. Trust Him and keep going.

Amy recovered from the hurt of that disappointment, of course. Years later, she smiled at God’s wisdom in giving her brown eyes as she walked through the villages of India, disguised in a native sari with her skin darkened by coffee grounds. Blue eyes would have ruined her ministry on the dusty streets of southern India... - God’s General’s ( The Missionaries )

Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing through the churches.” (Rev 3:6‬) ❤️



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