(GOD) … was amazed that there was no one to intercede [on behalf of truth and right]; (Isa 59:16)

There was a time when my business was growing exponentially and I ended up taking on a bunch of guys to help fill the gaps.

Long story short – a few of them got together and through incessant gossiping, undermining and not fulfilling their roles, really hurt me and the business financially. So much so that when I found out what they'd done it took me three whole weeks to even THINK to forgive them - and that was with GOD on my case every day/ hour/ minute/ second/ millisecond …!

The thing is, I didn’t want to forgive (or intercede) for them – actually, my Italian side just wanted vengeance!

Then one day as I was reading the Bible, I came to the part where Judas betrayed Jesus and I distinctly I heard a voice in my heart say: “You don’t really want it to end this way for them to, do you?”

Anyway, everything got turned around when GOD showed me how they'd been specifically used to hurt me and everyone else in the business, and this turned everything around. So much so that it became a natural thing to forgive them and want to see them set free - to intercede for them!

Lord, please open our eyes to those who are just being used as the cat's paw and help to set them free – AS WE HAVE BEEN. Amen. ❤️



Tonia - who is struggling with the effects of chemo for breast cancer. She told me that her consultant is concerned that her medication doesn't seem to be working anymore and has placed her on a previous lot. NB - he has told me that she truly appreciates your prayers throughout this difficult time ...

T - who is due an eye operation this coming Monday to help with a detatched retina and see what can be done to save her eye

Emma - who's awaiting 'positive' oncology results. She's currently physically incapacitated through severe pain and due to circumstances needs urgent financial assistance with a disability chair that seems to cost as much as a small car...! DM me if you can offer her (any) help ...

Young Lydia - her father told me last week that she came out of hospital on Thursday, but had to go back to the doctor Friday with severe pain. She's now waiting for a heart appointment and the results. She's also waiting to see a surgeon regarding her on going stomach pain and stoma problems...

Sarah and partner, and their two-week old baby Willow - she has only just lost her mother Karen ...

Jamie - whose wife Rachel has now passed away in the Hospice. Please can we continue to pray for him, their boys and her friends, especially Claire who has lost her best friend of many years …

As well as quite a few others (GOD knows who they are), who are really going through some yukky stuff right now

Thank you. ❤️