Lord, never forget the promises you’ve made to me, for they are my hope and confidence. In all of my affliction I find great comfort in your promises, for they have kept me alive! (‭‭Psa ‭119:49)

All over the World, His children will be opening their Bibles today, and most of them will have sentences underlined, or certain portions will have been highlighted because they have seemingly leapt off the page and have been ‘received’ into their spirit as Holy Promises.

I don’t know just how many Holy Promises there are in GOD’s Word to us – but I do know that there are enough in there to keep billions of us alive - eternally!

Thank You, Lord, for Your Holy Word – not just written on paper, but within the living heart you gave me when you took my broken one away. ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️