Lord, who dares to dwell with you? Who presumes the privilege of being close to you, living next to you in your shining place of glory? Who are those who daily dwell in the life of the Holy Spirit? (Psa 15:1)

I’d just left Bible College and we were offered a break with some other students in the south of France. Anyway, the Pastor of a small Church asked me to speak some words of encouragement at the Sunday service.

We prayed most of the night in preparation and I was excited.

Then, Jesus Himself came to Church … !

I remember the whirlwind of falling to my knees in abject loathing at myself – all my true thoughts, motives and desires parading in front of me!

The thing is, LOTS of people ran out of the place in fear – the few that stayed were blessed, healed and set free.

I learned a great lesson that day – GOD is AWESOME! ❤️


I’ve been asked to place some URGENT prayer requests here … Please can we keep up the prayers for young Lydia who is back in hospital and needing help with her terrible condition – as well her suffering mother and father. There’s also an URGENT call for a young lady called Rachel, who’s now been admitted to a Hospice – please can we pray for her young family and her husband… as well as a few others (GOD knows who they are), who are really going through some yukky stuff. Thank you.