GOD ’s business is putting things right; he loves getting the lines straight, Setting us straight. (Psa 11:7)

I was having a lovely coffee yesterday in the bright sunshine with my dog when I overheard a lady and two middle-aged girls having a particularly heated discussion at the next table.

Chairs were suddenly scraped back across the cobbles as both girls promptly stood up together and walked away, leaving a very distraught and forlorn older lady wiping her eyes.

My dog - being super sensitive - immediately went up to her and tried to offer comfort. Taking the hint from him, I took up the mantle and offered her a seat at my table. She looked unsure at first (but my dog can be quite persuasive), and so she took up his offer. Once she'd sat down, the walls came crashing down, and the poor thing poured out her heart for over half an hour ...

She told of the recent death of a dear sibling as well as the death of her best friend. Of a broken and bitter husband. Of fragmented and separated families. Of an overwhelming sense of loneliness so palpable ...!

My heart broke for her as I spoke of Jesus, but her only point of reference to him was to someone in the family who had been a vicar - by all accounts, he had been a truly difficult man who had left a legacy of pain.

She needed to go, so, for the next few minutes, I gave her a much-shortened version of how I'd met Jesus and how he'd set me free. I tried my best to help her understand the difference between 'religion' and 'relationship.' How Jesus wanted to disband the oppressive nature of 'religion' and show us how to enter into the beautiful freedom of a 'relationship' with GOD.

She wasn't crying when she left, and I committed her to GOD's loving hands ... ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️