(Jesus speaking) “Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.” (John 13:34)

For some reason, I recounted this with a dear friend the other day, and I'll share it with you, too. Some years ago, while I was helping out with translation services at Christian Camp, I was introduced to a young German girl of about 12 years of age.

She'd arrived with her mother and her mother's new ‘boyfriend’, at my translation booth, and her mother said, “We are all here because my daughter needs to become a Christian. Me and my boyfriend already are, but her father is not, he's a (swear word)!

For seven days, I tried my best to find good groups for her to join. However, as I moved around the camp from group to group, I kept running into her, sitting all alone and sad. Although we had difficulty communicating, I tried my best to place her with other children in the hospitality areas, allowing them to mingle and form friendships - but for whatever reason, she just wouldn't connect.

Anyway, on the 6th and final night, I couldn’t find her and got worried. It was almost an hour later when she caught sight of me and came up running! She threw her arms around my neck and, shouting at the top of her voice, blurted out first in German - and then at the 'duh' expression on my face, broken English how she’d met Jesus and fallen in love!

As a father of 3 girls all around the same age, her obvious joy and celebration really touched my heart, and I was about to pat her on the back and say something really trite when she suddenly pulled away, looked me deep in the eyes and said in perfect English “Thank you for being my Father this week!”

Thank GOD it was a dark night. It took me ages to stop the tears... ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️