This is what GOD says… “… the people I chose, the people I made especially for myself, a people custom-made to praise me.” (Isa 43:21)

If we keep in mind that "...God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them. (2 Cor 5:19)

Then Jesus' words to us in John 15:16 make absolute sense, “You didn’t choose me, but I’ve chosen and commissioned you to go into the world to bear fruit. And your fruit will last, because whatever you ask of my Father, for my sake, he will give it to you!"

I can unequivocally testify on oath that I had the honour of being part of a service in the south of France where this Scripture was instrumental in bringing about a powerful revival to an extremely broken church. I’ll never forget how ‘Jesus came to Church,’ and He physicality, mentally and spiritually healed, blessed and restored so many broken lives. (NB - For those who want to know more, I've actually woven much of this into the final chapter of my book on Amazon: Adventures & Angels - Karp Book 1)

These beautiful memories are all just the first fruits of our walk with Him. The Tree of Life is readily available for all of us to eat as we obey Jesus' final command: "Love one another deeply!” (John 15:16) just stretch out your hand, pluck the fruit and then give freely to those who are broken around you! ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️