We will show mercy to the poor and not miss an opportunity to do acts of kindness for others, for these are the true sacrifices that delight God’s heart. (Heb 13:16)

I’m sure there are a gazillion testimonies better than this, but here’s my take on giving (and receiving) charity.

After the super-duper International Logistics company I worked at for 13 years toppled and I lost my position as Special Projects Director, we moved South to fulfil what we believed to be a command of GOD.

We knew no one here and had very little to live on, NB - 30 years ago a lovely home in the North was worth about the deposit of a home in the South!

We arrived in leafy West Sussex with no job, extremely little money and three children all under 8. There was no Angelic Presence guiding us into the promised land; instead, we all ended up sharing one small room in a 70's theme park B&B under a landlady who had the compassion of Cruella Deville!

With circumstances soon mounting up against us and all the financial and depressing negatives rearing their heads like snakes – what started off as a faith-filled GOD adventure soon started manifesting into a huge nightmare!

Then, help started arriving through the people at Church, and GOD soon turned everything around. Homes were offered. Bags of food arrived on the doorstep, even envelopes of money were posted through our letterbox - and jobs came through.

Looking back, I can see now that GOD had to deal with my prideful arrogance before He could begin using me for His Glory.

Hand on heart, I can truthfully proclaim that GOD IS FAITHFUL! Hallelujah! ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️