Jesus asked the experts of the law and the Pharisees who were present, “Is it permitted within the law to heal a man on the Sabbath day? Is it right or wrong?”

No one dared to answer. So Jesus turned to the sick man, took hold of him, and released healing to him, then sent him on his way. Jesus said to them all,

“If one of your children or one of your animals fell into a well, wouldn’t you do all you could to rescue them even if it was a Sabbath day?” There was nothing they could say—all were silenced.” (Luke 14:3)

Jesus is simply trying to point out that GOD told us to take a ‘day off’ every week so as to recharge ourselves and enjoy life, but instead, we groan over the effort involved and subsequently turn it into a religious duty – dour and miserable.

Lord, help us to see ‘Church’ together as You have planned it. A daily walk of enjoyment, a daily adventure where we can meet with YOU, together with a gazillion different characters who ALL reveal YOU. ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️