For although you could have countless babysitters in Christ telling you what you’re doing wrong, you don’t have many fathers who correct you in love. (1 Cor 4:14)

We all want to (need to) understand the mechanics of our lives – the way things work. But along the way, we meet with teachers who, because of their human frailty, can’t see into our hearts and, as such, fix (build up) the things that need to be done first, and as such, we end up out of sync, frustrated, hurt and lost…!

I attended a parent-teacher night for one of my daughters some time ago, and when it came time for us to meet with the maths teacher, my daughter froze and began visibly shaking ...

After some prompting, we sat in front of this man who (in a pompously dismissive voice loud enough for all the surrounding people to hear) began systematically destroying my daughter's confidence piece by piece, "I have tried to teach your daughter maths all year ... she does not seem to grasp ... she is unable to comprehend ... blah, blah, blah ..."

I watched helplessly as my daughter shook violently and sobbed with humiliation throughout this tirade. I let this go on for a few minutes and found myself praying fervently in my head. Finally, I stood up and started to applaud the man slowly ... "Well done sir," I said. "You have clearly established that my daughter doesn't understand maths... however, instead of destroying her confidence as you have done here, perhaps it would have been mutually beneficial for you to have said, "She hasn't yet grasped what I'm trying to say, but don't fret, I still have plenty more ideas up my sleeve. Trust me, I will not fail her!"

A true father (and mother) can’t afford the luxury of quitting on their child. Their frustration is tempered by love for their child and propels them to seek whatever is necessary for them to reach the next level.

Lord Jesus, help me not to judge the teachers I meet, but to instead BE the father or mother You have created me to be. Amen. ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️