For the Lord loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his saints; they are preserved for ever: but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off. (‭‭Psa ‭37:28‬)

Our Heavenly Father is the Ultimate Parent. His eyes never leave us – He won't (He can't) forsake us.

His Holy judgements are forever sifting through all our reactive (and sometimes downright stupid and self-harming) choices to ensure the best possible outcome in our lives.

People say that mobile phones have taken away our lives, but I would challenge that...!

Yes, people seem to be locked into the physical element of living other people's lives, but before mobiles came into our possession, our heads were still in the clouds somewhere with books, films, and magazines, leaving us all daydreaming; "Oh, what if ...?" and "Oh, if only ...!"

Weeds don't stop growing just because we can't be bothered. When we don't tend our gardens, then corruption, like weeds, takes over, and when we walk alongside people who have been corrupted, then seeds from their gardens blow onto us, transposing ugly toxic seeds of bitterness, unforgiveness, anger and excess our way.

You'd think that our Heavenly Father would just shake His head and leave us to wallow in our own filth, but He remains true to Himself and His Promises, and like the Good Gardener, He rolls up His leaves and enters into our lives and sorts through the harmful weeds we’ve allowed to be sown there and gently helps us to acknowledge and remove them.

Don't ever think you (or anyone else you know) is too far gone - because as Jesus told us, “... nothing is impossible with God!” (‭‭Luke‬ ‭1:37‬) ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️