But you, my delightfully loved friends, constantly and progressively build yourselves up on the foundation of your most holy faith by praying every moment in the Spirit.

Fasten your hearts to the love of God and receive the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, who gives us eternal life. (‭‭Jude 1:20)

My wife was reading some of Rees Howells's books again, and one story she shared excitedly filled my head and heart.

Apparently, he used to pray with his Uncle, who was severely crippled. One day they were given a word that his Uncle would be healed at 5 am on a particular Sunday morning – but not then; it was to be in a few months' time!

The story goes on to describe the next few months of struggle, where the devil threw everything he had at them (and on a daily basis) to try and make them abort the promise - imagine the stress! But by GOD’s Grace, they stayed the course, and at 5 am on the day promised, the Uncle received his full healing and, for the first time ever, walked himself to Church to celebrate! The beaming smile on his face lighting the way.

Child of the Living GOD, what has the Holy Spirit been saying to you, and like the Uncle here in this testimony are you hanging on to it for your dear life?

If you’re struggling, then call out for Mercy and Grace – of course, He will surely answer - He loves you. ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️