(Jesus speaking) ... the chief of this godless world is about to attack. But don’t worry—he has nothing on me, no claim on me. (John 14:30)

I had to re-visit this (very hard) Scripture lesson yesterday, one that I've paid lip service to (but not much heart ...)!

Let me explain; one of the traits I've learned while living here on this earth is that if you don't particularly like someone, you don't actually have to plan, scheme or plot against them; you just kind of ignore them ... yes, you might smile and speak some dull pleasantries while in passing, but you never (NEVER) open up your heart to them!

As I've explained before, I suffered through non-Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer some 12 years ago, and the chemotherapy and parallel treatment (exceptionally high steroid doses) really messed up my body; for example, I subsequently suffered from steroid-induced diabetes mellitus.

Although I have done everything I can to do the opposite, my wife has worked faithfully hard to keep my diet as healthy as possible, and yesterday, for whatever reason (and while on my own), my blood sugars dropped below the 4/5 (minimum) to 1.4 - which according to the paramedics who rushed out to help me, is considered extremely dangerous - I was heading for a coma and if not treated immediately - death!

Well, guess who called them? Some of the very neighbours I'd chosen to ignore! Apparently, they heard me screaming out in my pain and rushed to gather people to help me in my time of need!

When I finally came around from my diabetic stupor, I was in my bedroom surrounded by 6 paramedics and some of my loving neighbours; and the very first thing the Lord reminded me of was that the Holy Spirit should be considered as skin-tight protection (think of a wet suit) and that whenever I deliberately chose to ignore His direction (forgiveness, loving-kindness, mercy, extending grace etc.), I tore away parts of the protective wet suit and exposed myself to the enemy...!

Lord, please forgive and refine me. Help me to soften my heart to Your leading and to humble myself under Your loving direction so that I can always be ready to do Your Will for the benefit of those YOU Love - and died to save ... ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️