You are right, O GOD, and you set things right. I can’t argue with that. But I do have some questions… (‭‭Jer 12:1)

If you’ve been in ‘any’ relationship longer than 10 minutes, you’ll have already begun to realise that there’s a lot about the other person you never knew.

Our relationship with GOD is no different. He knows everything about us, what rings our bell and what makes us tick. On the other hand, most of us judge him based on the things we've asked for but not managed to get.

After reading the Bible for the first time, my heart had tons of questions about things I didn’t like or understand. I struggled with these for a long time until I heard him say: “If this relationship is going to work, then I would rather have your honesty than your hard-hearted service!” So I told him … I sat and argued out almost every point I could think of.

Have we since resolved ‘everything?’ No – not everything! Relationships don’t work that way, some issues need time to resolve, and in truth, I’ve found that it’s been ‘my’ heart that needed to soften before I could grasp the truth and wisdom needed to understand what it means to enjoy this life – and be truly free.

One thing – the more ‘my heart’ softens, the more I love, trust and understand Him. ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️