I spill out my heart to you and tell you all my troubles. (‭‭Psa 142:2)

Two (minor) problems were nagging the peace out of me a wile ago, and although I’d wrestled with them in prayer (and even tried ‘all my own ways’), nothing seemed to work.

One of the problems was the direction in a work situation, and the other was extremely slow broadband at home. Neither of them was particularly earth-shattering, but enough of a hassle that they were draining my peace.

So what does GOD do? He gets a friend to call me and ask me what’s up! At that point, I have a clear direction to pour out all my problems, and his love and wisdom gave me a clear direction. Hallelujah!

The Broadband? My wife told me that an engineer had visited in the afternoon while I was away. (The third one we’d had)! This one didn’t just sort out the problem; he managed to fix and DOUBLE the broadband speed and gave us additional sound advice!

It just goes to show that our Heavenly Father is interested in ALL OUR LIVES, and He especially takes note of everything that steals our peace! And because He wants us to know that we’re not ‘self-sufficient’, He will occasionally minister to our needs either as a friend or a broadband engineer.

Trust in the Lord, open your heart and get ready for a visit today from Jesus with skin on. ❤️



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The Lord Bless you for caring ❤️