Then Pilate responded, “Oh, so then you are a king?” “You are right.” Jesus said, “I was born a King, and I have come into this world to prove what truth really is. And everyone who loves the truth will receive my words.” Pilate looked at Jesus and said, “What is truth?” (John‬ ‭18:37)

Bill Johnson of Bethel Church tells a great story: A man was riding his bike through the local zoo when he happened to see a lion grab the sleeve of a little girl who had gotten too close to the bars of its cage and tried to drag her in.

The man jumped from his bike, ran across to the cage and bopped the lion square on the nose and rescued the little girl. The parents were ecstatic and couldn’t thank him enough. At that point, a journalist happened to be passing by and told the man, “That was the bravest thing I’ve ever seen. You’ll be on the front page of my paper tomorrow!”

“It was nothing really said the man,” I’m a Christian just on my way to a Bible study, and I believed the Lord would protect me.”

The next day the newspaper wrote the following headline: “Right-wing Christian fundamentalist attacks African immigrant and steals his lunch!”

That is why we need the Holy Spirit. Listening every day to so much cynical manipulation of the truth, we can easily believe rubbish and become hardened in ourselves. When that happens, we lose our ability to judge fairly and deny the Truth who Lives IN us. ❤️



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