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WOW Testimony!

My friend called me this morning and gave me the full details of yesterdays second ‘Miracle’ at the hospital.

Miracle # 1 – for those who don’t know the story … his wife was admitted to hospital last week with severe pain caused by what the doctors saw to be Gall stones. The Church went into prayer! The doctors scheduled an operation for this Monday which was subsequently cancelled – as they couldn’t find them anymore … !!!

Miracle # 2 – in the early hours of yesterday morning a 97 year old gentleman was wheeled into the Ward by the ‘crash team’ which were all desperately trying to revive him. His wife remembers them shouting his name (changed here) “John, John, can you hear us?

His wife went on to say that as this was going on she distinctly heard the Lord ask her to go and tell this gentleman about Him! She went on to say that she felt scared but she just asked the Lord to make a way … After a short time the crash team stopped working on (changed here) ‘Mr Doe’ and all of them, save a nurse walked off the ward.

His wife then walked up to the Nurse, informed her that she was a Christian and asked if she could pray for him. The Nurse gave her permission and she bend down, stroked the man’s hair and whispered into his ear “Mr Doe, Jesus loves you” and the man opened his eyes. She went on and said “it says in the Bible that all who call upon the Name of the Lord will be saved. If you would like to follow Jesus please raise a hand?” At that point, slowly but surely Mr Doe lifted his hand ! She carried on telling Mr Doe about Jesus, how He loved him and how He had always known him. Mr Doe was smiling and curled up on the bed contentedly. After a while his wife went back to her bed. Shortly after that the Crash Team returned and tried to again revive ‘John Doe’. A few minutes later they pronounced him dead.

Not long after his wife went on to say that she distinctly felt an evil presence in the room and ‘heard’ an angry voice hissing “somebody has to pay for this”!

She simply replied, “somebody already has – Jesus!” … the evil left 🙂


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