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who encourages the encouragers …?

I’m letting you into my life a bit more here … sharing this with you ‘warts-and-all’ is nothing compared to the beautiful encouragement and testimony it brought …

Hi [****], just wanted to check in and [encourage] you as I hate seeing you so down. Sorry to hear something is bothering you.  Hope you will have an answer soon.

You and [wife] have helped me in ways you probably don’t know about so I want to encourage you that God is well pleased with you and that it’s normal to be tired. It must be so hard for people like the two of you because when you’re on the front line with God you can always see someone in need. When I read the gospels I tend to think of the crowds and how Jesus dealt with that. I hope I’m remembering right…sometimes the disciples had a boat on standby, sometimes Jesus went and prayed alone, sometimes Jesus addressed the crowd and sometimes Jesus just looked to one person. I think what I’m trying to say is that it’s not possible to do everything and you can ask God for a little bit of rest if you need it.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and [wife] for the help that you have given me and to apologise for the times when I’ve been difficult. I was so out of control that nobody at church really knew what to do with me. I kept running out of the services and you kept talking me back into them. One day based on something you said at the front door that I really respected… I made a decision that I was going to stop running out of church. This was very important at the time as I’d just suddenly given up a serious relationship with Jack Daniels and other hard drink. Praise God for freedom! OK, you gave me a reason to keep attending the church. So, what happened next? I met [wife] who in turn met a really big need in my life by inviting me to the girly Bible study. I was desperate to get into the Word but I was struggling over a knotty faith lump. [wife] helped me out of it in about 5 minutes by talking about God in her life. I count these two incidents among the most significant in the development of my faith in recent months. Thank you to both of you for making the effort.

Well, it’s gone midnight so I’m going to stop giving unsolicited opinion. Please forgive me if this message is out of order.  Hope you have a good week. 🙂 cheesy grin

I was so encouraged by her email that I asked if she’d mind me placing her testimony on my Blog.  She responded …

If you can make use of anything I have typed then blog on, all glory to God who can cross any boundary, conquer any division and rescue any man.

When I was 19 and totally into the world… I was alone in hospital one night due to a mixture of sinning, not even knowing if I would survive until morning and in the quiet God gently said ‘Here I am’.

3 years later… on a “‘whim” I walked into the [church] for the first time on Good Friday. Since the first day that I wandered into [church] God has blessed me so many times in so many ways, including healing my (excruciating) heart pain on a Sunday morning in the church car park.

It’s recently dawned on me that God really can do anything and there’s nothing else I want but to serve because I want to see God set more people free. Only one way forward >>>>> Good stuff!!

Sorry if I sound a bit too happy, I’m very excited about what God is doing in [our town].

K x

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