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When Lucy’s waters broke …

Just got this from one of my colleagues, Rob Verheul who got it from one of his old cell leaders in Uxbridge and thought I’d ‘encourage’ you …

“When Lucy’s waters broke at only half way through her pregnancy the doctors told us our baby would die and we should have an abortion! 15 weeks on our Consultant said that Lucy was ‘defying science’ by staying pregnant.

Well today, Lucy went into labour 5 weeks early and we now have a new addition named Joel James Hunting. 5 lb 12 1/2 oz. The doctors concerns were always that the lungs wouldn’t have developed to sustain life – but when I left Joel tonight (14/11/06) he was breathing unaided.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer- we can’t communicate what its meant to us! Please continue- he is spending his first night at least in intensive care as his breathing is a little laboured so it needs monitoring.

Before I forget Lucy is doing great. My absolute hero (heroine) she did amazing through it all. It was a c-section but she dragged herself into a wheelchair tonight only three hours after the op so we could take a ride for her to meet the new man in her life.”

We have an amazing God eh?!

#defyingscience #miracle #newbaby #watersLucswatersbroke

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