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What Are You Called to Do?

Just came across this from UCB from Bob Gass … just what the doctor ordered!

Only when you accept failure as final, are you finally a failure. Any time you learn from failure, you’ve taken a step towards success. You can’t hit a home run unless you step up to the plate and face the pitcher. Baseball legend Babe Ruth hit a record 714 home runs, but he also struck out over 1,300 times. During a low period, an interviewer asked him how he overcame discouragement. He replied, ‘If I just keep swinging the bat, the law of averages says I’ll catch up. In fact, when I’m in a slump, I feel sorry for the pitcher because I know that sooner or later he’s going to pay for it.’ When Benjamin Disraeli attempted to speak in Parliament for the first time they booed him into silence. But he said, ‘Though I sit down now, the time will come when you will all hear me.’ And they did! He became one of Britain’s best orators and Prime Ministers. Today Disraeli’s critics are forgotten, but his contribution to history lives on. You say, ‘How can I recognise my destiny?’ First, your destiny is a desire that won’t let you go. Paul said, ‘I am compelled to preach. Woe to me if I do not.’ Second, your destiny will be more than a job, it will be joy. The Psalmist said, ‘I delight to do thy will’ (Psalm 40:8). Third, your destiny will unlock your creativity. When God called Gideon a ‘…mighty man of valour’ (Judges 6:12) he was hiding in a cave. But God wasn’t addressing his present state, He was speaking to the potential within him.

So, what are you called to do?

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