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Tuesday – 17/5/16

Look at that man, bloated by self-importance— full of himself but soul-empty. But the person in right standing before God through loyal and steady believing is fully alive, really alive. (Hab 2:4‬) It’s so easy to fall into pride. So simple to believe that our blessings are due to our ‘specialness.’ So easy to toss the coin into the beggars cup (and go away feeling good), but not stop and look into his face – his eyes, and think “Papà can I help here?” (Jesus speaking) “Up on your feet! Take a deep breath! Maybe there’s life in you yet. But I wouldn’t know it by looking at your busywork; nothing of God’s work has been completed. Your condition is desperate. Think of the gift you once had in your hands, the Message you heard with your ears—grasp it again and turn back to God. “If you pull the covers back over your head and sleep on, oblivious to God, I’ll return when you least expect it, break into your life like a thief in the night.” (Rev ‭3:2) He loves us far too much to leave us behind … X

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