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To you … from your Father

On Monday last, a group of us from our Church travelled up to the Gatwick Detention Untit to ‘encourage, comfort and edify’ as many of the guys there as would come … one of us is a young Italian girl called Francesca, who’s relatively new to the Christian faith and is so hungry for God and loves the Lord Jesus soooo much that it makes you take stock …

Anyway, this was her first time visiting the centre and she asked what she should expect. I asked her just to spend some time with the Lord and ‘share’ whatever He told her to and this is the result … N.B. I took the liberty of helping with some of the ‘English’ — enjoy 🙂

“I want to know them and I want them know me. I want to have a relationship with them because I am their Father. I am He who has created them and wanted them, they are mine and I want to love them and for them to love me because I have much to give them.

I have given the life of my only Son so that they can live free and be happy and I have more to give them!

Why they don’t believe me?

I am jealous for them and my heart suffers because they are far from me.

Bring them to me!

Tell them of your experiences and all the things I’ve done for you — they will believe you!

Say to them to believe in Jesus and in what He has done for them and to believe that I have raised Him from the dead and all this I have done for Love.

I am Love and I want them to personally know my Love because this is the purpose I created them for, to love them, to to be loved by them and for them to love one another.

I am the Father of all mankind but they don’t know me or don’t believe in me, but I want all of them back and I don’t want to leave not even one in the hands of the enemy.

I want them all to recognize me!”

Grazie per il sostegno e l’incoraggiamento! Bless you! Francesca

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