• Warren

Thursday- 22/9/16

Go ahead and be angry. You do well to be angry—but don’t use your anger as fuel for revenge. And don’t stay angry. Don’t go to bed angry. Don’t give the Devil that kind of foothold in your life. (Eph 4:26) I remember immersing myself into a horrible murder trial once through the daily papers. Every day it seemed to draw me ever further in. One day I suffered a migraine so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed! I was in my late 30’s, and never had a headache much less a migraine before in my life and couldn’t work it out! I prayed and praised as best I could and a few hours later it just lifted and I really thanked God for His Mercy. Next day, same newspapers, same effect – migraine from Hell …! My balance went and I cried with the pain and begged God for help and release and a still small voice said: “you willingly fill yourself with anger, judgement and all forms of ugly thoughts, what did you think would happen?” I repented – it lifted … I will NEVER forget that experience and have walked shy of anything like it again. X

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