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The (real) measure of success

Got this from daughter #4 who’s studying in the States right now …

Success is not found in our material wealth. Nor is it found in the perceptions other’s may have of us. Success is found in the fruit of our lives. Success is found when we put Him first. Success is sticking with God despite the pitfalls of life. Success is not being reported missing in action but making it home … no matter how tired and beat up you are. Success is trusting in the provision of God more than you trust in the provision of man.

Does your life effect others? Have you invested in people more than you have invested in your own agenda? Have you chosen to steal what’s not yours or chosen to wait for God to open up His hand and satisfy? Have you been tempted by another woman’s caress but chosen to return and fight for your marriage? Have you considered fraudulently making money out of clients? Success holds a cost. Success is painful.

Success is adopting, loving, supporting and guiding someone towards their dreams. Success is seen when those influenced by you hold their ground. Success is found when the rejected (for whatever reason) have somewhere to go. Success is loving those that others forget about. Success is knowing the name of that man in church that no one else has bothered to speak to. Success is counting the cost. Success is not cutting corners.

If you speak with tongues of angels but have not love – you are nothing. 1 Cor 13:1

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