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Sunday – 28/8/16

Thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory [making us conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Cor 15:55) I remember hearing a testimony a few years ago of a young lady who said that she’d followed Jesus into a room where there were 3 women sat on 3 separate chairs. Jesus walked up to the first woman and fell at her knees. She was sobbing and clung on to him. He stroked her hair gently and began whispering words of kindness to her for the longest of times. Finally she seemed to regain her composure and he pulled himself away promising to return very soon. He then walked up to the second woman, nudged her shoulder with his hand and she looked up and smiled. They spoke for only a minute and parted. He then walked straight past the 3rd woman without even an acknowledgement. The young lady caught up with him and asked: “Wow! What did the last woman do that was so wrong?” Jesus asked her “What do you mean?” She replied “You just walked right past her. You didn’t even seem to acknowledge her!” Jesus then said “Child, you have everything back to front! The third woman loves me, she knows me intimately and doesn’t need my constant assurance. The second woman, just needs the occasional reassurance. Whereas, without my constant presence, the first woman would simply fall apart!” Ouch! Lord, help me to grow up in You and know your loving presence and intimacy. X

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