• Warren

Sunday – 26/3/17

… the LORD has created a new thing in the land: A woman will encompass (tenderly love) a man. (‭‭Jer ‭31:22‬) Mothers … as any man will tell you that it’s a word that conjures up thoughts like no other. It has the unusual ability to blend in seamlessly with a gazillion memories of events from many years ago in milliseconds. Has the amazing power to transform the ugly into the beautiful and bring back hope with a simple touch. The worst of sicknesses can be held back with a bowl of a Mother’s chicken soup (and it will never taste the same when you try and make it yourself)! Her hug stills nightmares, and her kiss ……! I remember watching the Mel Gibson film the Passion of the Christ and the beautiful interaction it captured between Jesus and his mother Mary… it sends shivers down my spine even now as I write this. Lord. Thank you for my mother. X

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