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Sunday – 14/5/17

I, John, … fell on my face to worship at the feet of the Angel who laid it all out before me. He objected, “No you don’t! I’m a servant just like you and your companions, the prophets, and all who keep the words of this book. Worship God!” (‭‭Rev ‭22:8) Celebrities. Football players. Politicians. Pop Groups and Singers … it seems our need to fall on our faces and worship that which we admire is programmed in to us! But what happens when the object of our worship lets us down! Maybe their time in the light is superseded by another rising star. Or their place on the team given to someone better. Perhaps their political prowess is found to be flawed… If an Angel – (a higher being to man) – can refuse our worship and point us in the right direction, then maybe we should listen up and act accordingly. Lord help me to be at Peace with who You’ve made me and worship You today in Spirit and in Truth. X

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