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Sunday – 12/3/17

…Jesus was quick to comfort them. “Courage, it’s me. Don’t be afraid.” (‭‭Mat ‭14:27‬)

I awoke today to see a text from a lovely friend asking for urgent prayer for his wife who’s body is going through some horrid stuff right now. As I was thinking about her (and a whole host of others who are going through their own living nightmares …), I read this particular scripture. As I thought about it, I suddenly ‘saw’ a scene appear where it appeared a nightmare was in full flow for someone. Huge roaring and slithering sounds sounded in the surrounding darkness and the promise of encroaching horrors were horrid. I heard someone (feebly) mumble … “Jesus, please save me!” Then there was a tremendous climax and a stillness came. I found myself panting with anticipation as the whole scene then parted like a curtain on a stage and Jesus stepped out saying, “Courage, it’s me, don’t be afraid.” Whatever you’re going through. Whatever la la you’re facing. Whatever toxic ugly buglies stand against you – internal, external, mental, physical or spiritual. Just know that his promise is faithful and eternal. All who call on the Name of the Lord Jesus will be saved. X

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