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Jesus, with skin on …

I keep getting emails from a good friend of mine up in Scotland, the Right Reverend Peter Stanway. His ‘flock’ say that he’s a ‘Minister of Religion’ … to me – he’s just being ‘Jesus with skin on’ …

Anyway, like I said, I keep getting mails from him and Sunday I retorted with: “… STOP playing on the internet! Get off your wee backside and GO MEET PEOPLE … (GET BUSY), you’re far too young to be just sat at home on the internet!

… this was his ‘amazing’ reply … BUSY?

… we have just waived goodbye to one group of 19 and another of 15 but before they arrived we waived off 7 Americans after their short-term mission with us so to celebrate we had a ceilidh with 40+ youth …all that followed hard on the heels of the ladies three day conference (70 delegates) last weekend .. (blah, blah, and on and on and on) ….what’s that (the doorbell)……got to go, that’s the couple arriving for their honeymoon, newlyweds just married…..then check THIS bit out!

…and then there was the car that careered off the road, down the embankment and was slipping into the high tide water like a grotesque turtle malevolently upturned, the outcome of mischievous play by wanton boys…..bad enough, until I heard the screams of the forlorn mother, “my babies, my babies, somebody save my babies!”

If I really was Jesus I could have ran out to them on the water but I had to swim through the icy 12 feet high waves of ice in the driving storm gasping for air and swallowing more salt than oxygen.

Taking a huge gulp of all the air I could swallow I dived into the murky waters, two little children floating in the surreal tank of their Astra tomb. The crushed doors were jammed and there was no way to open them. Back on the surface I screamed for help; a man raced from the growing crowd and swam to me with a metal bar of divine flotsam washed up on the periphery of the tide’s limit.

We dived together, wedged the bar between the mangled car door and the body and with the full weight of both of our bodies the door began to give. It seemed like ages until there was enough room to reach in and drag the babies out of the car and onto to terra firma. My first aid training came graphically back and soon the babies were coughing water and snot – they were alive!

The ambulance came and whisked the family off to check them over at the local hospital, Dave, my timely helper, came over with his blanket wrapped around his shoulders and looked silently with me at the place in the water where the car would be. “Wow!”, he breathed. “That was a miracle”.

“It sure was”, I replied. “Praise, God!” “Tell me about, Jesus” enquired Dave now looking straight into my eyes. “I need a miracle”……….

Amazing or what? (… you can comment) !

#accident #childtrapped #divingintomurkywaters #rescue

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