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… Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith …

The business of faith is to convert truth into reality.

What do you really believe? Take time to catalogue it; are you converting your belief into reality? You say, “I believe God has sanctified me” – does your life prove He has?”  “I believe God has baptized me with the Holy Spirit” – why? Because you had cold shivers and visions and times of prayer?

The proof that we are baptized with the Holy Spirit is that we bear a strong family likeness to Jesus, and that people take knowledge of us, as they did the disciples after Pentecost, that we have been with Jesus; they can recognise the family likeness at once …

There is a great snare especially in evangelical circles of knowing the will of God as expressed in the Bible without the slightest practical working out of it in the life. The Christian religion is the most practical thing on earth.  If the Holy Spirit has given you a vision in your private Bible study or during a meeting, which made your heart glow, and your mind expand, and your will stir itself to grasp, you will have to pay to the last penny in concentration along that line until all you saw in vision is made actual!

Oswald Chambers

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