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It’s not about me! … no it’s not … !

I got this from my best friend’s daughter who’s currently studying at a Bible College in the States and just had to share it …

“… today was just amazing. For the past couple days, the Lord was teaching me something about bringing Him an offering of praise in my worship that’s NOT about me!! Not about me and what I get out of worship and whether I feel His presence or not. It’s not about ME. It’s about HIM and me bringing him a SACRIFICE of praise. So my roommate and I had been discussing this, and then it was as if God was like, ‘Its fine to SAY it, but is it truth in YOUR life?!’ DANG IT. Haha. So for the next couple days I felt NOTHING in worship. Everyone else is going off in worship and I am stone dry and I was learning that despite my feelings I needed to still bring my God thanksgiving and praise and worship because of who He is and again: Its not about ME!! So that was a great lesson to learn… but I felt a bit left out!! So today worship is going off and I’m still not feeling His presence at all… and then one of the pastors get up and say that the lord is wanting to release freedom in the place. And that in this environment, we are free to be US. Free to be ourselves. That it’s a safe place where you can go nuts and worship God the way you want to… and suddenly I heard the Lord say ‘jump! Jump around and go absolutely crazy’, and I’m all ‘oh no Lord, you know me. I don’t like making a public spectacle of myself!’ and he comes back with ‘well I thought it wasn’t about you??” haha. I’m all ‘Dang it!’ so I do it… I start jumping around and going completely crazy and something broke off me. And this revelation hit. I am free to be ME here. I can be ME. It’s fine to be ME. And I start bawling my eyes out still jumping around like a crazy person and suddenly the lord says to me ‘welcome back’. I realized I have been wearing masks pretty much since my teens… trying to be what everyone wanted me to be, or what I thought I needed to be. And today I took off that mask and I am SO excited and liberated and FREE. PRAISE GOD.

Do I need to comment? Naaaaa 🙂

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