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I came tired and heavy laden …

I came tired and heavy laden, dry and grimy, the light of Jesus dim within me.

Wooed and led to this pool by His gentle voice. Expectant, but apprehensive. Excited, yearning.

“Lord,” I had cried, “I want you to break me, to cleanse me, refresh me.  To put your arms around me. To embrace Your bride and whisper words of love to me … I miss you Lord, please hurry … find me!”

“I remember the times when I soared with Eagles wings, Every sinew alive, pulsating.  Your lifeblood in me.  But now … Lord, take me to the high peaks – let me fly again.”

“Step into the water child – this pool of life. Go deeper. Let the cool waters wrap around you.”

“This is good Lord!”

“My child, trust Me, dive into the deep. Take your feet from the ground and plunge into the depths of My Love.  Trust Me – trust Me! Let My Spirit cleanse you.”

Deeper and deeper I go … peace.  His Peace flowing – caressing me.  There it is!  There it is – that beautiful pearl – the Heart of God!

“Touch it child – take it – receive it – it’s yours to cherish!”

“My Jesus, my Lord.”  Warm tears flow from me.  Taking away the hurts that bound me.  “I’m free – I’m Yours.  I give You all of me … Lord, I thank You that You’ve forgiven me.”

“Let me stay here in this pool with You Lord, we can … sorry Lord, I know I must go – back to the battlefield – strengthened, refreshed, your fire burning and shining in me.”

“This pool – Lord, how can I ever forget it.  Inviting, welcoming, crystal clear and sparkling.  Deep and steadfast.  Filled with Your love.  It’s brought Joy, it’s brought Healing – it’s brought ME back home to You.”

Eddie Badger, Gartcosh, Glasgow. 1995

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