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Have you ever stopped breathing in your sleep?

Just got this from Tristan who’s working out in Israel right now … made me sit up! Have you ever stopped breathing in your sleep? I did last night for an instant and it was a moment that made me realise how transient this life is.

I guess I had a glimpse of being absent from the body and being present with the Lord. I was terrified! Not out of fear of death but I think coz I’d become kinda mechanical in my relationship with God!

I dunno… now that I look back I see that I didn’t want to be like those who come face to face with the Father only to hear Him say… away from Me, I never knew you!!!

All I know is that I spent the next hour, not just singing songs to God and goin thru the motions (lip service) but really pouring out my heart in adoration and love to Him.

Guess I’d like to be like Enoch in some ways… just translated and not even being so conscious of it coz I’d be continuosly captivated by Him… except for the people I’d leave behind… like ya’ll Its not my time yet, and believe me I took a firm stand against any attempts by that thief, murderer and destroyer… my time is not yet… yet the Lord is teaching me to number my days, but please pray for me that I would go wen its my time.

Reminds me of the many funerals I attended at KF… we celebrated the life of the person who’d departed and even tho we mourned their loss, yet still we rejoiced becoz we knew where they were, as Pastor Michael Barling used to say…”they’re off swanning it with the Angels” Tristan Paul Kenneth

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