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Friday – 25/9/15

So don’t get ahead of the Master and jump to conclusions with your judgments before all the evidence is in. When he comes, he will bring out in the open and place in evidence all kinds of things we never even dreamed of—inner motives and purposes and prayers. Only then will any one of us get to hear the “Well done!” of God. (1 Cor 4:5‬) I’ve just been viewing some posts and thought: ‘Do we really need to debate Discernment, or Judgment, or Christian Correctness when so many of us don’t have all the facts and we’re just about coping with all the inner struggles we have to deal with? I did see a great post entitled: Yes I’m a Christian … Yes, I am a Christian.

Yes, I can be the biggest hypocrite ever. I backslide. I stumble. I fall. I stay on the wrong path. But God is working in me. I may be a mess, but I’m his mess. And he is slowly straightening me out. And the day will come when I will be by his side, His work in me completed. And until that day, I will take his hand, and let him do in me whatever needs to be done, no matter how painful it will be for me. When he is finished, it will be all worth it. So Child of God … “Well done” for keeping on keeping on. X

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