• Warren

Friday – 18/3/16

… the Holy Spirit says, Today, please listen; don’t turn a deaf ear as in “the bitter uprising,” that time of wilderness testing! Even though they watched me at work for forty years, your ancestors refused to let me do it my way; over and over they tried my patience. And I was provoked, oh, so provoked! I said, “They’ll never keep their minds on God; they refuse to walk down my road.” Exasperated, I vowed, “They’ll never get where they’re going, never be able to sit down and rest.” (Heb 3:8) Lord the world has as saying when we ask “how are you,” they respond: “I’m getting there!” Well I thank You for your Holy Spirit Presence in me and Your Awesome guidance. Please help me to keep choosing Your Way over my own so that I can get to where You want me to be … I love You Lord. Amen! X

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