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free from cancer – finally :o)

I felt that the next part of the walk was a lot harder.  Bottom line is that Chemotherapy is cumulative, which means that each cycle builds upon the strength of the last one – I was getting very tired and actually told the doctors that at this rate it wouldn’t be the cancer that would take me, but the treatments!

Anyway, at the end of my 6th Chemo a further CT Scan showed that I still had some remnant in my groin and the doctors decided to continue with 2 further treatments.  It was at this point that I felt the Lord say that I’d be free by Christmas.

I had my 8th treatment on the 22nd December (yay for Chemo at Christmas – not) and another CT Scan 3rd January.  I then took a call from my doctor on the 5th Jan where he stated that the results unfortunately showed that I still had some remnant in my groin!  The Doctor went onto say that the next step would be to send me to a hospital in Guildford where I would undergo a PET Scan which would show them just how bad the cancer was, where it was growing etc, and they would then decide on the next course of treatment.

I went nuts!  “This is rubbish” I said. “God said I’d be clear by Christmas so this is rubbish!” He responded with something banal and we closed the conversation.

To be honest, I was angry.  “I’m not having this,” I said to the air around me! “God said I’d be clear by Christmas so I’m not having this!”

I had my PET Scan on the 19th January and the doctor called me the evening of the 25th.

“Well Warren … you got your miracle!”  “Pardon?” “You got your miracle.” “I don’t understand – sorry.” “Warren the PET Scan tests have come back and show you are totally clear – 100% clear!”

My wife Tracey just burst into tears.

Me? I just looked up to my heavenly Papa and smiled!

He is sooooooo good!!!

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