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Free from cancer

Hi everyone, sorry that I’ve not been around … the ‘not-so-great-news’ is that after spending many days as a patient at our local Hospital the doctors finally worked out the cause of my severe stomach and back pains in that I was diagnosed with chronic and malignant high grade non-hodgkin lymphoma – which is to them unfortunately non-operable.

That aside, the ‘so-called-better-news’ is that although the lymphoma was aggressive, they believed that the condition was treatable with chemotherapy and as such I started a programme on the 27th July on a recurring 3 week cycle for 18 weeks with a review thereafter.

Our church’s Faith Camp loomed at the end of July and because I had to be there on the Friday (29th) to set-up the Translation Units, my wife arranged for me to get a lift with a lady who’d gone through a similar experience some time ago.  As it worked out she was a great gift to me and really helped me to understand just what was expected.

By Saturday at Faith Camp I’d already met a few people who’d either undergone or were going through similar treatments – not all were faith-filled stories and one in particular knocked me for six!  In fact, her experience shocked me so much that it took me pretty much all day Sunday just to get into a place where I could at least smile and pretend that I was OK … being honest, my faith had dropped so low at this point that I’d already mentally prepared my exit speech!

Tuesday was a disaster – I just couldn’t shake the nausea and was already thinking about leaving all and heading home the next day.  Wednesday morning came and I was feeling very sorry for myself indeed … I was handing out translation units at an 08:00 morning service, and while everyone were chuntering away in tongues, I was thinking how I could get home without causing too much disruption.  It was then that I noticed an elder from the Modena Church in Italy, slowly heading towards me at what I can only descibe as a ‘death march’. This guy has become a very good friend of mine over the many years and he didn’t stop to talk as usual but just took the headset in one hand and as he slowly walked past me he ran his other hand slowly over my chest and quietly said “I was praying for you last night, God said He was going to heal you today”! With that he walked on.

I was still thinking about his remark, when it was as if the Lord opened my eyes, and I ‘saw’ as it were a balloon complete with trailing string floating on in his wake and I somehow knew that this balloon seemed to be full of ‘my healing’ … I’ll never know if my (half-heartedly) grasping it was a reaction of faith or one of fear – but I did grasp the string of the balloon and as I did so the nausea shot up within my stomach like a volcano and as I clamped my mouth shut I thought “healing … yea, rite”.

The morning came and went and finally Wednesday evening arrived … for those who don’t know, Wednesday evening has become the Italian evening at Faith Camp and the worship was AWESOME! … I truly ‘felt’ His presence during the Worship and as I let myself drift into His heart I ‘saw’ as it were two mirrors – one on my right and one on my left.

The one on my right reflected ‘me’ as I understood my current situation – diagnosed with a terminal illness, feeling tired, old, business dying, no funds, etc etc … the one on my left however, was the ‘me’ as God saw me.  Full of Jesus Christ, healed, redeemed, blessed (and not cursed), a living epistle …

Although I could mentally accept the truths held within God’s mirror, I must admit that I struggled to actually see them ‘in me’ as He obviously did!  In fact although I wanted to believe what was true in the positive ‘me mirror’ – the negative ‘me mirror’ actually seemed to more accurately represent me!

I was faced with a true dichotomy – I wanted to believe the positive mirror but I knew that mentally accepting a truth just wouldn’t make it so. i.e. God has said so-and-so, now believe it and it will be alright – but I knew it wouldn’t!  All my efforts to pump up faith in the Word would be without effect unless the Holy Spirit brought the vital power to make God’s Word living in me!  I just knew that although I wanted to break the negative mirror, I just didn’t have the power to keep it broken and the pieces would just come back together again … woe of woes!

As I struggled with these thoughts, I clearly heard the word ‘CHOOSE’ … at that point Deuteronomy 28 came into my mind – Blessings and Cursings, and I heard myself shouting “I CHOOSE LIFE!” “I CHOOSE LIFE!” “I CHOOSE LIFE!” Just then I somehow knew that power had been granted and I smashed the negative mirror…

… something drained from me at that point! I felt it, knew it, witnessed it …

I am eagerly awaiting for the results of a recent CT Scan to confirm that I AM TOTALLY HEALED!!!  Watch this space …

Thank You Father xxx

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