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Day 75/365

Jesus said to him, “What do you want me to do for you?” The man replied, “My Master, please, let me see again!” (Mark 10:51 MSG)

This reminds me of a healing convention our Church once held over a weekend where many were blessed, not to mention myself.

I remember particularly a man who had struggled for over 12 months of prolonged sickness and sometimes extreme pain. It became very easy for him to fall into the rut of accepting what his body, the doctors and the specialists were saying - and then planning his (very limited) life accordingly.

On the final night of the conference, we were all encouraged to face Jesus, where we came to realise that just like Bartimaeus, His Love for us didn’t agree with either the doctors prognosis - or our acceptance of it!

Like Bartimaeus once we’ve been with Jesus, our identity will change too. His changed from ‘blind’ Bartimaeus to ‘healed’ Bartimaeus!

Meeting and communing with Jesus shows us that the curse of sickness and death are NOT part of His Plan for our lives, and that all things ugly, toxic and harmful were very definitely nailed to his cross!

Child of the Living GOD, don’t quit. Commune with Jesus and you too WILL see the Salvation of the Lord – in the land of the Living! ❤️

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